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HATSMITHE E-GIFT CARDSHats are such a personal purchase that you might find yourself wavering over which one to buy for the hat-loving vegan in your life.

Well never fear, our electronic gift cards are here!

With a Hatsmithe E-Gift Card you won’t have to surreptitiously go about trying to find out someone’s head measurement (that’s not easy!) or worry over what style or color they would like best.

Our e-cards are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox with a personal message from you and on a date of your choosing, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

E-GIFT CARD AMOUNT: Pick your preferred amount from the drop-down list.
TO: Email address of the person you wish to send the e-card to.
FROM: Sender’s name.
MESSAGE: Sender’s personalized message to the recipient.
DELIVERY DATE: E-card will be sent almost immediately upon payment, or you can set any date in the future on which you would like the e-card to be received. Bear in mind that the e-card will be delivered roughly around the same time of day that you place the order, so if you order later in the day, you may want to schedule it to arrive the day before.
HOW TO USE: Each email contains an easy-to-follow link or input code.
WHAT RECIPIENT RECEIVES: See example email in gallery above.

Our cards never expire and contain no extra charges or hidden fees*

*Please note: total amounts or balances on cards cannot be redeemed for cash.
Any balances are carried forward to future purchases.
Hatsmithe standard terms and conditions apply.